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Full Golf Course Facing 6 Bedroom Villa.

Full Golf Course Facing 6 Bedroom Villa.

Your Ultra-premium arabesque villa

Richly detailed and unabashedly glamorous, these 6 bedroom villas will redefine modern Arabic splendour. With the presence of traditional Arabic Mashrabiya for privacy and temperature control,
you are guaranteed intimate, cool luxury.

Your ultra-premium modern villa

Your home should be your sensory delight. A seamless blend of indoor and outdoor that keeps nature and fresh air always by your side. Where clean lines and balanced design create a permanent
sense of calm. Your 6 bedroom villa, your retreat.

Enveloped by the epic landscape of Dubai Hills Estate, the 6 bedroom villas are equally alluring once you step inside. Impressively proportioned, richly styled and flooded with natural light.

Experience the reviving scent of nature from your doorstep. Take a stroll along the winding walkways and golf course past the water features. The smell of freshly cut grass has never felt this extraordinary.

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