EUN Middle East

EUN Middle East Investments

Our Dubai & Spanish Investments Divisions essentially engenders alliances between stakeholders in the field of real estate development or acquisition of assets. We maintain a portfolio of landowners, developers, investors, and owners of unfinished projects who are willing to get into joint ventures for optimization of returns and to reap benefit from the expertise of their partners.

We also maintain a portfolio of real estate assets in all areas of Dubai & Spain, thereby offering the best opportunities to investors and asset owners alike.

EUN Middle East, Properties maintains close liaison with financial institutes, high and ultra-high net worth individuals who are looking to invest in the Dubai & Spanish real estate market.

We are seeking assets that fit the following requirements:

  • Dubai & Spain-based residential buildings
  • Both Off plan and ready assets are of interest.
  • Prime locations
  • High quality properties

Area of Focus

EUN Middle East - Investment Dubai

Our Dubai Investments Division focuses on all areas of Dubai, especially the freehold areas where foreigners are allowed to own properties. However, our portfolio of land, as well as assets, include areas where only GCC nationals or UAE citizens are authorized to own the land.

EUN Middle East - Investment Spain

Our Spanish Investments Divisions focuses on coastal locations where sea, beach and Luxury lifestyle meets.

Joint Venture

Our Dubai & Spain Investments Divisions brings together partners looking for Professionals alike.
If you are a landowner looking to join hands with a developer to develop on your plot of land.
If you are an overseas developer and would like to start your first venture in Dubai & Spain, we provide a range of services to achieve your goals with sound local partners.
Owners of stalled projects looking for partners who will either finance or participate in the project towards its’ completion.